Preferred partnership

A free services when booking at one of our preferred partners. For more information click here .

Corporate travel

If you often make use of Corporate Hotel Connections services, the corporate travel model may be a good option for you. This option means you will pay a monthly fee and CHC provides all services under this contractual agreement. This amount is predetermined and depends on the volume that you wish to purchase. click here.


For more extensive demands from the side of the client, we can offer you the consultancy model. Within this model you can expect us to arrange everything for you without committing to a monthly fee. click here .

Being a reliable business partner, Corporate Hotel Connections, powered by EVA, has agreements with a wide and varied selection of hotels and meeting and event venues both locally and abroad. We are familiar with all the venues and visit them regularly. As we annually book a large amount of hotel rooms and meeting rooms, we are able to negotiate the best deal for our clients.

We are also flexible when it comes to dealing with the several options and we can virtually make any last-minute change without having to change the previously agreed price. We make tailor made proposals. In case of an assignment, we first provide you with the quote.

Based on one or more proposals, you, being the commissioning party, make the final choice for a particular venue/accommodation. After having confirmed the reservation in writing, you as the commissioning party have a direct agreement with the respective venue.
If required, Corporate Hotel Connections, powered by EVA, can also take care of the administrative process.

We will gladly inform you about the possibilities and conditions personally. Corporate Hotel Connections, powered by EVA, adheres to the ‘uniforme voorwaarden horeca’, which can be found here.