Below please find the most frequently asked questions and answers.

Would I pay at the location or to CHC?
This choice is entirely yours. When paid “on account” via CHC, we use a 30 days payment period. The administration fee is 6.50 excluding 21% vat euros in the Netherlands or 15,- euros if paid internationally.
Does CHC work with all locations?
CHC can arrange your booking in hotels all over the world. In addition, CHC has set up its own preferred partnership.
We make specific demands to these locations, and thereby always guarantee you the best price-quality ratio.
Besides working with all the international hotels chains, CHC also works with boutique hotels, apartments, and special B&Bs.
What does it costs to work with CHC?
CHC works with three forms of partnerships.

Preferred partnership, powered by EVA - A free services when booking at one of our preferred partners.  When cancelling your reservation, CHC will charge 10% of the reservations amount.
If you would like to book which is not a preferred partner of CHC, it is possible. CHC charges an amount of euro 15,- per reservation.

Corporate travel, powered by EVA - If you often make use of Corporate Hotel Connections services, the corporate travel model may be a good option for you.
This option means you will pay a monthly fee and CHC provides all services under this contractual agreement. This amount is predetermined and depends on the volume that you wish to purchase.

Consultancy, powered by EVA - For more extensive demands from the side of the client, we can offer you the consultancy model.
Within this model you can expect us to arrange everything for you without committing to a monthly fee.
Besides booking hotel rooms and conference rooms, can we also have our social program arranged via CHC?
This is exactly where CHC is specialised. With its expertise, CHC can always organise a tailor made program in line with your event and requirements.
Does CHC have market-based prices?
CHC always maintains market prices, in the hotel business indicated by BAR (Best Available Rate). Also, you shall not come across lower prices through other channels.
CHC makes reservations for thousands of events, and due to this large volume, CHC can stipulate further discount upon the existing low price.
Corporate Hotel Connections, powered by EVA-TEAM is trained in arranging the best deal.
Generally, CHC will quote the price of a double room for single use, and with flexible cancellation policies.
How long does it take for CHC to send a quotation?
Our arrangements differ per company, depending on your wishes. CHC will always first consult you when it comes to response time. This way, we always provide tailor made service that you can trust.
Until when can I cancel?
CHC abides by the Uniform Hotel Terms, which can be found here. For each separate booking flexible conditions can be agreed upon, after consultation.
Would I pay more if I book via CHC?
No. Please see “Does CHC have market-based prices”?
Am I not better off arranging the booking myself?
Of course you could arrange the booking yourself, but the advantage of booking through CHC is that you let us know your wishes, and we get in touch with the location.
This way you have a fixed contact person and you don’t have to monitor the dates of the options at the various hotels.
Upon that, by booking via CHC, you don’t take the risk of misinformation or faulty bookings.
Besides, CHC also negotiates competitive rates and comes up with surprising locations. Lastly, CHC will share their market knowledge with you. In other words, CHC relieves your stress.
What can CHC do for me?
Everything concerning eating, drinking, and sleeping.
Why should I book through you?
Purchase often prefer to work with an intermediary. This way the bookings are centrally controlled, and there is a good overview regarding which department is booking where.
The intermediary makes sure that proper arrangements are made in regions where there are many bookings.
Additionally, the intermediaries relieve you of your worries, and ensure that there is always a surprising location when desired.
It is also a solution for collecting payment; no unnecessary payments in advance and such botherations.
Do you also have agreements with hotels abroad?
CHC has arrangements with hotels all over the world. These not only comprise hotel chains but also boutique hotels and B&Bs.
How does the booking procedure via CHC work?
CHC will first identify your needs. Then CHC will make proposals for the period stipulated by you, and you eventually choose the location.
CHC will assist you with the further settlement and can be present on the respective day to assist you.
When do I receive the answers to my questions?
CHC will always answer your questions as soon as possible. If you indicate a desired response time to CHC, we will always meet your demand.

If our reply does not answer your questions, please let us know.
You can phone +31 (0)20 4288585 or email